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AUSTRALIAN SPIRIT in need of a tow

The crude oil carrier Australian Spirit is apparently in trouble off Halifax and is need of a tow.
She sailed from Staten Island NY on the 4th, bound for York. She reportedly lost stearing last night, Aprox 75km off Chubecto head.

 (Above) Position as of 1500 AST 10/12/14

I Know no further details at the moment, but was tipped off by a Canadian Press reporter covering the story. Anyone know anything? email me

UPDATE: the tug Atlantic Larch is reportedly on Scene, and the Venture Sea and CCGS Earl Grey appear to be on their way.

There is a Good argument for the CCGS to be equipped for emergency towage. As the Current multipurpose buoy tenders and light icebreakers reach the end of their useful lives, they should be replaced with a Off the Shelf ice classed Anchor handling Supply tug design. Such vessels are equipped for towing operations and feature large working decks for cargo transport. A suitable crane could be provisioned for buoy work. this would Add to the Coast Guards capability, and preserve the existing service levels.

UPDATE:11/12/14 1200AST: Tanker is under tow, and expected in Halifax for repairs later tonight. They currently apper to be making about 4 knots, and are 31 nautical miles off Chubecto head, suggesting a 2000ADT eta.

UPDATE 1430AST: Halifax Port Authority says the Australian Spirit will go straight through to the Bedford Basin, where she will anchor.

UPDATE 12/12/14 0935AST: Australian Spirit was due to take her pilot at 9am. She currently appears to be off chubecto head, likely waiting for the Outbound Heather Knutsen  to clear the channels allowing more room to maneuver. I suspect She will also take on Tugs Atlantic Fir and Willow, currently escorting the outbound Heather Knutsen.

Photos from DFO via Twitter.

On Weather Watch

Strong winds and rains have shutdown pilotage operations outside the harbour.

Zim Texas appears to have anchored in the outer anchorage, and tankers Heather Knudsen and Serifos are circling. (Serifos had been at anchor after offloading at Tufts Cove over the weekend) Fusion is also out there.

PRABHU DAYA Stops for Bunkers

the Bulker Prabhu Daya made a brief stop for bunkers before leaving for Savannah just before 1300. She appears to have come out of the St Lawrence river, and may be loaded with iron from Sept Iles.

In 2012, the vessel was detained by indian Authorities after she, carrying iron ore, had sailed from Goa for discharge at a Chinese port. During the journey, the vessel rammed the fishing boat ‘DON-1’ which resulted in the death of five fishermen and left two injured. The fishing boat capsized and sank.

Serifos for Tufts Cove

The tanker Serifos arrived from Wilmington this morning and tied up at The power plant at tufts cove. Though it burns Natural gas, It originally burned oil and still can.

Typically a tanker tops up their oil tank once a year.

Photos to follow. Sorry for the quality – shot into the sun.

New Digby Saint John Ferry has arrived in Canada


Canada2014, formerly Blue Star Ithaki, slated to become the replacement for the Princess of Acadia has arrived in Canada. She is reportedly going to be undergoing renovations at Halifax Shipyard before going into service, however she arrived off Saint John this morning.

It would be appreciated if any saint john readers could send me pictures. as of 9:24ADT she is inbound from the Pilot station. it also looks like she will be passing the Princess of Acadia who is sailing for Digby.

Update: Photo Above provided by Kyle L via Our Facebook Page.

From Saint John, the vessel will make its way to Digby for a sea trial and to undergo a check in its future berth. The vessel will then head to Halifax, where engine work will take place alongside the dock to perform a 72,000-hour engine overhaul and the conversion of the engines from heavy fuel to marine diesel. 

Super Yacht at the Museum Wharf..

Brand new, she is on her delivery trip to Florida. The Hull was built in Norway and is made of carbon fibre. the Hullwas Shipped over to the yacht builder Palmer Johnston in Wisconsin. She is now on her delivery trip to florida. She currently is using her yard Hull Number as a name – PJ265, but will take the name Khalilah. Photo to follow.

HMS Penelope vs HMCS Preserver – Circa 1988

September, 1988 at Vestfjorden, off the Norwegian coast

The ship on the port side of Perserver is HNoMS Trondheim. Penelope was attempting to come along side, and reduce power when one of the throtles got stuck in the Open position, causing her to turn in front of preserver.

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