Thursday, July 24, 2014

APL Coral To Fairview Cove.

APL Coral Arrived on the G6 service today and tied up at the west pier of Fairview Cove. On arrival, she tied up port side to the pier, which is opposite of normal, however makes for better photographs. (For comparison, See our Singapore Express Post.)

HMCS Toronto Sails..

HMCS Toronto Sailed on schedule at 10am. Canadian warship grey was once described to me as the color of Halifax Fog. Yep. this was the best shot of the ship I got.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

HMCS Toronto sails for Mediterranean tommorow

Minister Nicholson will announce the immediate deployment of Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship (HMCS) Toronto to join NATO Reassurance measures in the Mediterranean.

Media are invited to attend the departure ceremony for HMCS Toronto as the ship sets sail for the Mediterranean Sea. There will be no media availability.

HMCS Toronto will be replacing HMCS Regina, which has been part of Standing NATO Maritime Forces since May 2014.

Where: Canadian Forces Base Halifax Dockyard 

SNMG-2 which hmcs Regina is a part is scheduled to arrive in Halifax in the near future.

Unique Developer at Anchor

The Products tanker Unique Developer arrived last week from Houston loaded with refined product for Imperial Oil. She completed the offload yesterday, and moved to anchor for bunkers today.

she is scheduled to sail later this afternoon.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Lady Clarissa for Bunkers

Another One of the Ladys Stopped in for bunkers. These distinct ships with their unique crane are occasional stoppers in Halifax. Lady Christina and Lady Claudia have both stopped in Halifax in the past.

These vessels are part of the Wijnne Barends Logistics fleet. She was built in 1999, and has 2 holds, and is rated for bulk, breakbulk, and 280TEU. The crane can be used to handle containers.

EDIT 07/23: It was Lady Carissa who anchored yesterday, not Lady Claudia.

Monday, July 21, 2014

NYK Daedalus to Fairview Cove.

Todays arrival brought another NYK Vessel, NYK Daedalus. Built in Korea in 2007, she is rated at 4800TEU.

SNMG-2 to Exercise off North America.

The Nato Standing Maritime group 2, will be departing Rota Spain for exercises on the Atlantic Coast.
though the Makup of the group Can change, it currently consists of :

FGS Niedersachsen (FFG) (Germany)
HMCS Regina (FFH) (Canada)
TCG Kemalreis (FFG) (Turkey)
USS Leyte Gulf (CG)(American)

Halifax may see a west coast frigate. More details when known.