Thursday, April 17, 2014

Nautical Disasters.

So I started out to make a list of the top 10 incidents I've covered. This didnt work out so well, since there seem to be so many, So Instead, I present 9 types of assorted Pearls at Sea

1. Damaged Cargo/Containers During Handling

A Container being unloaded failed, Causing a Radio Active Scare at Fairview Cove. The container in question, once removed, and still in the hold

 2. Hull Failure

The container ship MSC Montery discovered a Cracked hull. Fortunatly it was not structural, and was repaired easily. the same cannot be said for the  MOL Comfort, which developed a crack, Broke in two and sank.

3.Tow Issues

Ex Rusian Cruse Ship Lubov Orlova snaped a tow line, went a drift, and launched fears of ginormous cannibal rats landing in Europe. The Ship Likely Sunk.

The M/V Miner also broke a tow line, and ended up on the beach of Scatrie island. finally the tow of HMCS Athabskan ran into Troubles when a tug lost power and lines parted.

 4. Fires:

AlgoNova Suffered from an engine room Fire. She was towed to Halifax for repairs.

HMCS Protecteur also suffered and engine room  fire returning from Hawaii.

 5. Groundings

Blue Putties Parked on Shore in Port Aux Basques. She was repaired in Halifax. The Bulk Carrier John1 lost power and went Aground off Newfoundland. She went to Argentia NF for repairs. The Bulker Tundra also Went aground, in the St Lawrence off Sorel PQ. She eventually made halifax to load grain.

6. Weather

Renate Schulte's anchor broke free and punctured her bow thruster compartment. She was temporarily repaired, and scrapped after this incident.

The Car Carrier Asian Emperor took a parametric roll, and trashed some heavy Equipment

And High Seas caused broken Containers on Zim Colombo

7. Human Error

The Bounty Sunk after the captain went sailing in a hurricane.
The first and Second posts were in near real time as facts were known. You can also read All Posts covering the disaster and investigation.

8. Piracy

The tall ship Silva was Set Adrift.

9. Sinkings

Unknown sailing vessel in the North West Arm  Sunk. The port authority salvaged her, but a few months under water made her fit for the dump.

The Sailboat Captain Morgan, also sunk one winter.
In both cases, I suspect a frozen Through Hull fitting failed allowing water ingress.

Lévis Shipyard to Refit CCGS Louis St. Laurent

The Government of Canada has awarded a $6.5 million contract to Babcock Canada Inc. for critical refit work for Canadian Coast Guard ship CCGS Louis S. St-Laurent. This contract was awarded as the result of an open and competitive procurement process. The shipyard portion of the work will be carried out by Chantier Davie Canada Inc., a sub-contractor to Babcock Canada. The refit work to be completed on the vessel includes regulatory maintenance to the propulsion systems, hull, auxiliary/domestic systems and the navigation and communications systems. In the past this work has been Caried out in the Nova Dock By Halifax Shipyards.

The CCGS Louis S. St-Laurent is Canada's largest and heaviest icebreaker. While in drydock at the Davie Shipyard in Lévis, Québec, the vessel will undergo critical maintenance. This work will be completed prior to the vessel’s deployment to the Arctic to provide icebreaking services and other activities including scientific research, search and rescue support, and delivery of essential supplies to remote communities.

File Photo Above.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Charles dickens visits halifax?

On January 21 1842, Joseph Howe hosted Charles Dickens on his first visit to Canada. Subsequent stops included Toronto, Montreal and Niagra falls.

Tommorow brings a return of sorts, the maiden stop for the container vessel Charles Dickens on charter to Happag Lloyd. She is the ex Maersk Danbury recently off that charter and still bears the blue of her Maersk days

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Cruise Ships, Offshore Vessel, and Other Stuff

(Above)Carnival Legend at Cruise terminal 3 (Below) Norwegian Dawn at Terminal 3. Both vessels departed on time at 1600, arriving before 6 am, they completed a full turnover of passengers.

(above)Edison Chouest Offshore Anchor Handling Supply vessel Dino Chouest, named after the Edision Chouest President. in the graving dock at TampaShip.

(below) the Victory Ship American Victory. She served in the Second World War, Korea, and Vietnam. Note the size between her, and Norwegian Dawn, behind.

(Below) Texas A&M universities training vessel General Rudder. Its named for Texas A&M graduate General James Earl Rudder, who led the US Army Rangers at Pointe du Hoc on D-day.


The port of Tampa has a huge bulk presence. (Above) the Bangcock registered Mallika Naree  was tied up loading sulfur. The loading spout goes quite lov in the hold, presumably to prevent the spread of the otherwise smelly commodity.

(Above) the CSL Metis unloading gravel from Punta Venado Mexico. Part of the CSL Americas Fleet, she trades internationally. A rare sight in Halifax, Her self unloading arm is extended and in operation. (below) a slightly different angle gives a better view of the long reach of the arm.

(Below) the Bulker Maple Star at the Kinder Morgan TampaPlex terminal. Its unclear what she is loading, as the Tampaplex is setup to handle multiple bulk commodities.


(above) Marion C. Bouchard in the Gulf marine repair floating drydock.

 (Above)These tugs were found at TampaShip, A local shipyard owned by Edison Chouest. These tugs belong to an EC Subsidiary. The tugs were built in 2009, at GulfShip and are named (front to back) C-Tractor 22, C-Tractor 19, C-tractor 20, C-tractor 21. They offer 5500hp,and feature forward mounted Z-drives.

 (above) Sea Bulk Towings SDM Suwannee River tied up in the Sparkman channel. SDM stands for ship docking module, and is a patented tug design by Seabulk. SDM's feature a fore and an aft mounted z drives, mounted off center- this design allows for maximum bollard pull in any direction.

SeaBulk also had tugs Athena and Tampa tied up along side the SDM. Athena is a 1 year old (Delivered April 2013) 5300bhp ASD Tug.

Tampa (Below) features 6000bhp, and is a conventional twin screw tug. A veteran tug, she was built in 1985.

(below) Marine Towings Tug Freedom was waiting for the inbound OSG ATB. At 5000bhp, she features 2 Z drives

(below) tugs Osprey and Atlantic Coast. both are equipped for barge handling

Went on a Dolphin Cruise..

Today Brought about a Florida Aquarium Shipspotting Dolphin watching cruise. The dolphins were found playing in the bow wake of the Articulated tug/barge OSG Independence/ OSG243.

 (Above) Close up of the Tug (Bellow) Full view of the whole unit.

More Shippspotting Posts to follow..