Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Balmoral to skip shelburne

Yesterday's cruise ship arrival Balmoral is skipping it's scheduled stop in shelburne due to the lack of a harbour pilot.

Shelburne is a non-compulsory area for pilots, and there is one, however he is reportedly currently on leave.

The captain of the Balmoral being unfamiliar with the waters and lacking current electronic charts, decided to bypass the port.

Though disapointon for town businesses, in light of the disasters caused by errors In confined water maneuvering (Costa Concordia and Queen of the North) it was a prudent decision.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Woodside 1 on the Slip in Lunenburg

The Halifax Transit Ferry Woodside 1 undergoing periodic Maintenance in Lunenburg.

Bluenose Steering Work underway

As announced earlier this month, installation of a hydraulic steering gear is underway aboard the bluenose. She is currently tied up next to the fisheries museum's Wharf.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Nova Dock Sale Rumors

Word has reached me that a local diving company was contacted by a potential buyer for the Nova Dock to clean it after purchase. There is no word if the buyers intention is  too repair the dock or as a preparation of towing it for scrap,

MV Miner Removal Rumours.

Word is the the camp for workers on Scaterie island hasn't been finished yet, which means workers have to travel from the mainland everyday. There have been reports that the wreck has gained more of a list to Sea meaning crews have had to brace it to prevent it from falling into deeper water.

The last photo I have seen was from august (above), and shows no bracing, though the backside of the hull has been torn out.

The plan as announced, was to cut steel and remove it by crane and barge to to Louisburg. Word is people on site are saying the Job will be finished by June 2015, which is past the November 2014 date given by the government.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Saturday traffic

Tankers Energy Pride and Arionas Anchored in the basin. both products tankers are waiting their turn at Imperial Oil.

Arionas (Above) was built in 2006 in Ulsan South Korea, and owned by Capital Ship Management of Athens Greece. Energy Pride (Below) was built in 2004 in Pusan South Korea

(Bottom) Em Ithaki fills in on ACL Route. As a container only Vessel, she may be shuffling empty Containers, or filling in for Atlantic Cartier's Maintenance Period, though this weekend also brought a east and west bound ACL Arrival.