Tuesday, September 1, 2015

More Big Ships for Happag-llyod

 Due in port today is the Colombo Express. When Built in 2005, as the lead ship in the class, she was the largest container ship  in the World at 8700 TEU. She was so impressive Revel released a 1/700 scale model of her at the time. (the model is 18" long)

Shes met the inner harbour noonish, bound for Fairview Cove West.

Photos to Follow on arrival.

Reading this on Haligonia? See the latest version of this post (with updated photos) here

Responder Visits Pier 9

Cable ship Responder briefly put in to pier 9, departing this morning for her home base in Baltimore. She appears to be returning form some North Atlantic work, and was last noted passing Newfoundland on the 29th.

Monday, August 31, 2015

CMA-CGM Bianca with a full load

 CMA-CGM Bianca arrived today, and has to be the most loaded container vessel i can recall seeing in Halifax. It looks as though most of her 8500teu capacity is consumed.

Bahri Jazan puts in.

The Saudi's are here on the Monthly Stop. Mostly containers and RO-Ro cargo are loaded.

We have Gas!

 The Tanker Acadian at Imperial Oil. She is the second of 2 tankers resupplying Nova Scotia with fuel. Note the recently added scrubber added to the back of the Funnel.

The first tanker arrived Friday, and Sailed Sunday. Acadian Arrived on Saturday, and was still unloading today.

Tim Mckeil Works a Barge

The tug Tim Mckeil spent the weekend with a barge at Fairview Cove. They appear to be handling spools of some sort, which have been at the west end of the dock for several days now. Both were gone by last night, presumably to clear space for todays arrivals of Yantain Express and Tokyo Express.