Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Ferries of False Creek

Dredging the Fraser River

The Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger  FRPD 309 working the south Channel of the Fraser River. FRPD stands for Fraser River Pile & Dredge. the ship in 112m in length, Can dredge to a Depth of 33m, and has a hopper capacity of  4630 m³. The Fraser River, as a river is prone to silting and requires constant dredging.

PCT Wolf

PCT Wolf is a Canadian Navy Orca Class training vessel. The craft are primarily used to facilitate the two-to-six-week long 'at sea' component of naval officer training  in Esquimalt. the class contains 8 vessels, built between 2004 and 2008 at Victoria Shipyards.

A Non-commisioned vessel, they carry the PCT prefix, for Patrol Craft Training, though they are designed to carry heavier armament. The names in the class are all former Armed Yachts that served in the RCN in the Second World War.

English Bay Anchorage

(Above) Yasa Ozcan
(Below) Globe Explorer

 (Above) Felicia
(Below)Densa Lion

 (Above) Sharpnes
(Below) Sharpnes, Singapore, VSC Poseidon

(Above) Global Faith

All these photos were taken at the same time, from the end of the same pier.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Update on Farley Mowat.

Pollution Control Activities continue.
The coast guard is reporting that 1000lbs of absorbent material has been removed from within the oil boom, and divers have removed 2000 liters of pollutants from inside the hull. 5 drums on deck have also been recovered.

no word on when and if the boat will be raised, or who will fit the bill.

When the vessel was arrested, Paul Watson, Captain and founder of Sea Shepard Conservation Society quipped that he was sticking it to the Canadian Government, making it responsible for a boat they were looking to get rid of.

Nice Guy, off fighting sealers, and Japanese whalers off in the Southern ocean, but not willing to take responsibility for safely disposing of one of their own vessels, resulting in thousands of liters of oily products spilling in his homeland.

Bluenose II open to the public!

The Bluenose II public harbour tour schedule has been posted now that Capt. Phil Watson has deemed the crew ready to sail.

The restoration work has been completed and the vessel now awaits final certification from Transport Canada.

Before the vessel begins public tours, there will be a community event in Lunenburg to give the public the opportunity to view the newly restored vessel in her home port.

The date and time of the community event will be determined in the next few days. The complete summer sailing schedule of the vessel to ports of call around Nova Scotia will be released in the coming weeks. 

The schedule is subject to change in the event of unfavourable sailing conditions.
Port Dates Event
Lunenburg, NS July 19 – 31 Public Cruises
Lunenburg, NS Aug 20 – 30 Public Cruises
Lunenburg, NS Sept 13 – 30 Public Cruises

Friday, June 26, 2015

Farley Mowat sinks in Shelburne.

Yesterday, the Ex SeaShepard conservation Society vessel Farley Mowat rolled over and sank in Shelburne. The vessel was arrested by the feds during Anti-Sealing Protests several years ago, and eventually sold. she was toed to Halifax, Then Lunenburg, where her topsides were removed. She was then towed to Shelburne.

(Above) Farley Mowat in Lunenburg, still intact in 2012.
(Below) Stripped down, June 23 2014