Thursday, December 18, 2014

High Nefeli now Crown II

The tanker High Nefeli has been anchored in the basin. Today she took the name Crown II

She was formerly registered in Greece and owned by Liquimar Tankers Management of Athens, Greece. With her new name she also now flies the flag of Malta 

More to follow

Australian Spirit Update

I have heard a report that a rudder was sighted on the 102 heading into halifax. If it was I didn't See it. The Rudder is definitely gone. Compared to this morning, the Ship is ballasted down Bow First.

Australian Spirit - No Rudder.

 (Above) Daylight Reveals that as of 9 am, there is no rudder.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Australian Spirit to Pier 9C

The Disabled tanker Australian Spirit was moved with tugs from basin anchorage to the New Pier 9 Expansion. The Transfer operation with American Spirit completed this Afternoon, and She saild for New York around 1600.

Tugs Atlantic Larch, Willow and Fir were in attendance, as was the Naval Tug Glenevis, marking the first time i can remember that a Naval Tug was involved in a commercial Operation.

Danny MacDonald Timelapsed the docking operation:
Of note, In the Chart Above, Everything (Except the Larch) is to Scale. The new Digby Ferry Canada2014 is about the same size as the Imo, the larger of the 2 vessels involved in the Halifax Explosion.

Monday, December 15, 2014

APL Scotland to Fairview Cove.

Todays G6 Service Arrival is the APL Scotland. Built in 2001 by Samsung Heavy industries in Korea. She carries 5514 teu.

This is her first visit to Halifax.

Australian Spirit to Be Offloaded

The Australian Spirit is now anchored in the Bedford Basin. there are conflicting reports that she either outright lost her rudder,or its hard to port. Given the work the stern tug did, and the vessels track, it would seem that the rudder is hard over, and not missing.

The tanker Americas spirit is due early afternoon today, and will anchor in the basin. She will then move alongside the Australian spirit, and transfer cargo so that repairs can be made. it is unclear if all the tanks need to be emptied, or if they will only empty the stern ones, leaving the bow down, and exposing more of the rudder.

UPDATE: Americas Spirit  Arrived late on the 15th, and tied up alongside Australian Spirit on the 16th and began the transfer operation.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Austrialian Spirit Enters the Harbour

(Above) Emerging from the fog off Ives Knoll (Below) Approaching the Cable Wharf.

 (Above) Lead tug Venture Sea from Scunda, (Below) Atlantic towing tugs Fir, Willow and Larch Steer.