Federal Announcement today at shipyard

The Federal minister of Defense is scheduled to make an announcement at the Halifax Shipyard today. That announcement will probably be an order for the 6th AOPS. the original contract was for up to 6 boats, with a firm commitment for 5 ships, with the 6th a possibility depending on budget and performance.  Sagin will likely announce a firm order for that 6th boat, or possibly a firm 6th, and a maybe 7th under similar terms.

Yesterday the feds announced the winners of Halifax Class repair contract. worth 7 billion dollars, over the remaining life of the ships, the work went to Victoria Shipyards for the 5 west coast frigates, and will be split between Irving Shipyard and Davie in Quebec.

The concern the Navy has is that as the ships age, two will need to be drydocked at once, and halifax shipyard only has one dry dock. Hence the need to split the work.

Haliax Shipyard did have a second drydock – however they sold it to International Ship Repair of Tampa Florida.


Naval Gazing and other weekly news #23

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1.TSB to Fisherman
the TSB Called out fisherman after the worst year for industry deaths in a long time.

2. The Herald
6 years after the sinking of the bounty, weather is still an issue.

3. Port Expansion
the port authority gave a presentation to council, and received wide support back from the city. also letters to the editor suggest moving port to Dartmouth is impractical.

4.More on Port Expansion from CB Spectator
See what cb has to say about the expansion of halterm. also this on the cruise industry

5. Navy troubles

HMCS Halifax suffered a fire in one of her turbines. a few days later :


6. New CG Boats


1.from early 1918






BBC on the project mapping the first world war wrecks in the english channel


Oct 30, 1942 – a boarding party from HMS Petard captured codebooks from the sinking U-559, vital to cracking the four rotor Enigma

Oct 30, 1918 – HMCS GALIANO foundered in Barkley Sound, BC, in the same storm that claimed CPR liner SS Princess Sophia. GALIANO is the first RCN warship to be lost and only ship lost WWI.

Oct 28, 1940 – Canadian Pacific Railways passenger liner Empress of Britain sunk by U-32 off the coast of Ireland




Mega-ships not the way forward?

Container-news.com ran this article wondering if Mega – Container ships were dinosaurs needing to be replaced by smaller and more nimbler mammals.

The article matches what I said about the current state of the industry, but speculates that shippers will want more speed in their supply chains in the future due to mass customization, requiring more frequent, faster trips.

Delayed Express

the Call by Dalian Express this weekend was beset by Delays. She finally sailed around 7:30 Last night.

On arrival she took to anchor in Bedford basin to wait for the departure of Alexandria to free up the western birth. she then moved into place, and was worked overnight, and then missed her sailing due to weather at the pilot station, spending the day alongside until she was able to sail last night.

Insignia – the saddest cruise call of the year.

The Cruise ship insignia arrived yesterday from Saint John. Due to Weather, they were unable to board a pilot to enter the harbour until 7:30 last night, several hours after they were scheduled to sail. The ship required bunkers, so it waited out the weather watch, tied up at pier 24, and fueled from the Algoma Dartmouth, finally sailing at 0300 this morning.

the Port of Sydney announced last night that the ship would be skipping the call there today, and is now sailing direct for Quebec.

RFA Tidespring Arrives

the Royal Fleet Auxillery oiler RFA Tidespring arriving in the harbour.

the ship went into service, and is likely bound to join the Carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth currently anchored in New York Harbour. Photos are via NS Webcams – more to come later.

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