Redbull Uncontainable BMXer Drew Bezanson Plays with containers in Halifax

I don’t know where this was actually filmed, But the rider is from Truro,  the opening shot is Fairview Cove, and the rest was done in secret in NS. Redbull recently did a skateboard video in the Abandoned half finished (and now demolished) Aspotagan Resort.

**the Craned ramp at the end was at CTS in Burnside – Google maps airphoto caught it on the ground.

See also BTS:


Glovis Century ties up at pier 9 – and unloads cars

In what I believe is a first, a Pure Car/Truck Carrier has tied up at pier 9. The Glovis Century arrived, rotated 180 degrees and tied up. She is likely unloading project cargo or heavy equipment.

Autoport is occupied as is pier 29/30 where car carriers normally tie up.

UPDATE: Looks like she was unloading Cars. No word on how they are moving off the pier – The On dock rail is blocked by parked cars, so they are either being trucked or Driven off.

She sailed Sunday Night.

Update 09/28: She returned to pier 9 this morning to re-load the cars she left behind.